Everyone Knows Maui

Except me! I had no idea who this character is until now!! I haven’t watch any movies since a few years back DX but did I catch the mood?    

Do the Hair Flip

I always like action shots, but some times i really can’t come up with an idea what do action about. So I will make my model do the hair flip XD!

It’s Love Live

I was at an Anime Convention this weekend. I can’t say it was great, meanly because I wasn’t able to find much of my friends. But shooting ppl always make it up for it.

Then You Have Ideas

As the days go by I figured out a lot of stuff on my camera. I started to try to make things look cool. Bokeh, YES! more bokeh. Honestly speaking all the bokeh in the photos are not from editing, but some light flares are.

At the Begining

When I 1st got my camera, I was eager to use it. But, there were nothing for me to use it on right away. So I end up looking around the house and end up shooting my figurines as 1st tries. Back then I was pretty please with the results. I’m sure if I was…