My Kind of Cosplay

A friend of my asked for one photo and we did this perfect with one click ;D! This was one of my favorite at the event!

Everyone Knows Maui

Except me! I had no idea who this character is until now!! I haven’t watch any movies since a few years back DX but did I catch the mood?    

2017 Halloween

Nothing fancy but, when I make new friends I always ask for a photo.

Very Thankful

I’m very thankful for coming up with ideas for sexy shots [because the character is suppose to be that way] and cosplayers trust me enough to actually bring it to live.

That Angle

Making their legs look long is normally a good start point for Cosplay photography.

It’s Love Live

I was at an Anime Convention this weekend. I can’t say it was great, meanly because I wasn’t able to find much of my friends. But shooting ppl always make it up for it.

Block It For Me

I’m hiding my reflection behind her in this photo XD! I did a good job hiding.