Went Out for Some Fashion

Went out and joined a event to shoot some lovely ladies NOT in cosplay. I think I missed shooting cosplay already. TvT

It’s Love Live

I was at an Anime Convention this weekend. I can’t say it was great, meanly because I wasn’t able to find much of my friends. But shooting ppl always make it up for it.

Block It For Me

I’m hiding my reflection behind her in this photo XD! I did a good job hiding.

Private > Event

Another convention another head ache of lot’s to shoot but no place to shoot. Even if there are some sections that are decent in pictures, are taken by many other photographers. I still like private shoots better.

Free to Be Creative

I remember the days I show up with many reference photos of the character that I’m going to shoot, keep looking at them to try to make the same concept. It wasn’t a bad idea, but when I have nothing to look at on the spot, I feel more creative. Because, you are not just…

Strange Phase of My

There was a time period I only wanted deformed photos. Either their hand, weapon, or head have to be really big. I felt it was unique and some how it didn’t look too bad to me. To be honest that was a year ago, but until now when I look at them they still look…