Getting Cooler

Instead of 90+ now the days are 80+ i can’t say its ideal for shoots out doors because the sun still beats down pretty hard. Maybe next mouth it will be in the 70+!

Do the Hair Flip

I always like action shots, but some times i really can’t come up with an idea what do action about. So I will make my model do the hair flip XD!

Went Out for Some Fashion

Went out and joined a event to shoot some lovely ladies NOT in cosplay. I think I missed shooting cosplay already. TvT

Disabled & Start Over?

While I was having all this fun photographing while in cosplay, facebook wasn’t happy. One day I logged in to facebook it disabled my account so my photography fan page was left there all alone with no admin. Starting over, with a new fan page from plushyphoto to Hushy Plushy Photos. I just realized I never…