My Camera Was Ready!

As you know I am the person behind the camera but I also cosplay as well. So before this photo shoot I already shot myself at the location ;D! I was so ready, so how did i do?

My Kind of Cosplay

A friend of my asked for one photo and we did this perfect with one click ;D! This was one of my favorite at the event!

Everyone Knows Maui

Except me! I had no idea who this character is until now!! I haven’t watch any movies since a few years back DX but did I catch the mood?    

2017 Halloween

Nothing fancy but, when I make new friends I always ask for a photo.

Pretty Sailor Armor

Their costume was very well put together. Everything looked very details, but sadly they weren’t in the cosplay contest.

Official Sailor Couple

If you watch Sailormoon you know this is a very official ship XD. Sailor Neptune x Uranus. I ship it hard.

Amazingly Adorable

I believe they also made their plush. All together it was amazingly adorable.

Fan of Magical Girls

This was a great Sailor Uranus. They won the Audience’s choice award at the event.

Do the pose

I normally don’t come up with pose ideas unless the cosplayer really do not have anything in mind. Some of them when you tell them to do a pose they are really good at posing XD!